The Running Gypsy
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The Running Gypsy

Thank you for purchasing The Running Gypsy, turning your iPhone 3G into a self-contained fitness and training device.  We hope that you use it well and continue to stay fit and active.


The Running Gypsy is a GPS application that uses the GPS receiver in the iPhone 3G to relay distance information, speed, and pace to you while you are jogging, or running (or even cycling for that matter).  Because it is based on the GPS in the iPhone, the accuracy is limited to situations where the GPS receiver cannot get a good lock, so this application will not work with any accuracy indoors or around tall buildings.  Also, the way that the application was tuned, the accuracy is not perfect at speeds lower than 3 mph, but works better at light jogging and running speeds, closer to 4.5 mpg – 8mph.
One other point to watch out for.  When the GPS receiver is first started, it can sometimes take running close to an 1/8 to a 1/4 mile before it starts registering updates.  It will still be accurate but it will appear that your iPhone is not registering any distance information for a brief period of time.  Once it starts registering, it will respond as expected for the rest of the workout.
The Running Gypsy also allows you to save a set number of workouts (currently set at 30 workouts) so you can review them later with all of the lap information intact.  We will now go over the screens so that you can use the application to its full extent.
Using The Running Gypsy with iPod in the background
In order to have the iPod play music in the background, you can go to the iPod program prior to starting The Running Gypsy.  You can then start your playlist and begin playing music in the background.  From here you can press the Home Button to get back and then choose The Running Gypsy.  Your music will continue to play in the background.  In order to control your iPod in the background, it is best to set up the following preferences:
Go to Settings-->General-->Home Button  and where it says iPod Controls, switch this to ON.
Now when you are using The Running Gypsy with the iPod playing in the background and you want to control your iPod, you can press the Home Button twice.  The iPod controls will come up so you can control the volume and switch songs in your current playlist.
In order to change playlists, you may need to quit The Running Gypsy for a brief instant, go back to the iPod, change your music, and then restart The Running Gypsy.  Your overall time will be kept, but for that brief moment, you will probably lose a slight amount of distance information.
The Main Screen

The main screen is the heart of the application and has all of the information about your current workout.  We will go over the items  of the display.

GPS Status – This shows the current accuracy of the GPS receiver.  When the application first starts up it looks for the GPS signals and shows if the accuracy is good enough to begin your workout.  You can start your workout at any time, but if the accuracy is unacceptable you will not record the distance data so waiting for proper accuracy is important.  The possible status messages are listed below:

Accuracy OK:  GPS accuracy accurate for a proper distance reading
Accuracy Moderate: GPS accuracy will give a distance reading and the application will record distance data, but the accuracy is poorer.
Accuracy Unacceptable: The accuracy is not sufficient and no distance data will be recorded at this time.
Unable To Get GPS Lock: The iPhone cannot get a proper lock at all and no distance information will be recorded (added for Version 1.01).

Total Time – Shows the total time elapsed for the entire workout.

Lap Number – The current lap number.

Lap Time – The smaller timer below the main one shows the time elapsed on the current lap.  If the Lap Button is pressed, the time of the last lap will be displayed on the screen for five seconds so you can view it.  After this time, the Lap Time will revert to the time elapsed for the new lap.

Total Distance – The total distance of the workout displayed in either miles or kilometers depending on the preferences.

Speed  Avg:  - The average speed of the current workout

Now: - The current speed at this moment.  It usually trails your actual current speed by a few seconds depending on how fast you are going, but at a steady speed, should be reasonably accurate but not as accurate as the average speed for the workout which should be extrememly accurate

Pace  Avg: - the average pace of the current workout displayed in the format of minutes per mile, or in minutes per kilometer (again, depending on the user preferences).

Now: - The current pace of the workout which also trails the actual pace (like the current speed).  It is also displayed in minutes per mile or in kilometers per mile.  Again this will not be as accurate as the average pace but should be sufficiently accurate at a steady pace.


Start/Stop – Use this button like a normal chronograph.  You can press it to start the stopwatch and also begin tracking distance information.  When  you want to pause or stop your workout, press the button when it says stop.  This will also stop the application from getting any GPS distance information as well.

Lap – As in a normal chronograph, use this when you want to start recording data for a new lap.  There is currently a max limit of 100 laps.  All of these laps will be recorded and be able to be recalled on the Data Screen when the workout is saved.

Reset/Save – If the stopwatch is currently in the stopped state you can reset the stopwatch back to zero and save the current workout with one button press.  Then you can now review this saved workout on the Data Screen.

Bar Buttons

Info – General information about this application including the version number.

Data – Takes you to the Data Screen so that you can review your past workouts.

Prefs – Takes you to the Preferences Screen.

The Data Screen

This screen allows you to review your past workouts.  Currently up to 30 can be saved.  After 30 workouts, are saved, your oldest workout will be deleted to make room for your new workouts.

This screen displays when you had your workout, the time, distance, average speed, and the average pace for the workout, or the lap that you are currently displaying.

Prev/Next Lap – When you are reviewing the laps of a workout, you can flip through the laps  using these buttons.  If you are on the Workout Totals, then you have to press “Next Lap” in order to start seeing your lap information,

Prev/Next Workout – lets you cycle through all 30 of your saved workouts

Clear all Workouts – Lets you clear all of your saved workouts.  There is an alert box confirming you want to delete so you can’t delete all of your workouts by accident.

The Preferences Screen

Miles/Kilometers – Allows you to choose which units you want to view the information from the Main Screen, and the Data Screen in.  Just tap the controller to switch back and forth between miles and kilometers.
Disable Auto-Lock - (new in Version 1.03) If this is turned on, the iPhone will not go to sleep while the application is running.  When you quit from the application, the iPhone will sleep like normal.  If this is set to off, the iPhone will sleep like usual during the application which would mean the GPS receiver would be turned off and not be able to provide any distance information.
Automatic Lap - (new in Version 1.02) If this is turned on, The Running Gypsy will use the Lap function at either 1 mile increments or 1 km increments depending on if it is set in miles or kilometers.  This makes it easier to just run, forget about The Running Gypsy, and focus on your workout.  This way, all of the lap info is still intact and can be reviewed later in the Data Screen.
Please stay safe while running.  Again, thanks for your interest in The Running Gypsy.
Copyright 2008 Bernard Kim