The Running Gypsy
Known Issues


Frequently Asked Questions

When I first install or update The Running Gypsy, how come it just shows the startup blue screen and then quits immediately?

This is probably a general iPhone issue that can be solved in a few ways.  The first thing to try is to reset the iPhone.  This is done by holding the top button and the Home Button at the same time until the Apple logo appears in the middle and the iPhone restarts.  If this doesn't fix it, then the next thing to try is to sync your iPhone with iTunes to back up your apps onto your iPhone.  You should then delete The Running Gypsy on your iPhone by pressing the icon until it shakes and then pressing the x that appears in the top left corner of the icon.  You should then reinstall the application using iTunes and this should fix the issue and The Running Gypsy should begin operating properly.

When I first start The Running Gypsy, it doesn't measure distance at all?

When the program first starts up, it sometimes takes running 1/8 to 1/4 mile before the iPhone GPS receiver begins updating the distance.  After this time, it should operate as expected.  This is just the default behavior of the iPhone GPS but your distance accuracy should not suffer despite this behavior.

Can I use The Running Gypsy with the first generation iPhone?

The Running Gypsy was designed to take advantage of the GPS receiver that is built into the iPhone 3G.  It uses the GPS in order to calculate its distance information.  The older iPhone can also give location and distance information but not with the accuracy of the 3G.  An older iPhone may be able to give some acceptable results with The Running Gypsy but it would most likely not be to your satisfaction and thus  we cannot recommend using The Running Gypsy with an older iPhone.

Can I listen to music while I use The Running Gypsy?

Yes. In order to have the iPod play music in the background, you can go to the iPod program prior to starting The Running Gypsy.  You can then start your playlist and begin playing music in the background.  From here you can press the Home Button to get back and then choose The Running Gypsy.  Your music will continue to play in the background.  In order to control your iPod in the background, it is best to set up the following preferences:

Go to Settings-->General-->Home Button  and where it says iPod Controls, switch this to ON.

Now when you are using The Running Gypsy with the iPod playing in the background and you want to control your iPod, you can press the Home Button twice.  The iPod controls will come up so you can control the volume and switch songs in your current playlist.

In order to change playlists, you may need to quit The Running Gypsy for a brief instant, go back to the iPod, change your music, and then restart The Running Gypsy.  Your overall time will be kept, but for that brief moment, you will probably lose a slight amount of distance information.